Advancements of humanity have always come from the communication of Ideas (Example, written text). A great deal of such advancements is due to the communication of scientific results and the sharing of information across individuals, languages and cultures. Its no surprise that the success of scientists is often measured by the spread and impact of their ideas to mankind.

But how does one ensure the maximum reach for ones research?

Doing outstanding research is often considered as the most important prerequisite, but it will not ensure international recognition. Its excellent communication that spreads outstanding research across the globe and that lets even small advances in specific niches lead to revolutions in totally unrelated fields. Its my personal mission to foster the exchange of scientific information, the spreading of ideas and cross-fertilization in the global community by delivering excellent communication support to the research community.

A simple trick to make you communication more efficient is to understand how it works.
1. Communication always involves a Sender AND a Receiver. Just because you talk, doesn't mean you're being heard!
2. The message the sender communicates gets encoded and decoded multiple times, potentially leading to misunderstandings.
3. Communication comes in many forms, from formal presentations to simple body language.

Keep these in mind and you might become aware of when and how you are communicating. 


But how to become an expert communicator? Have a communication strategy!
1. Define the message you want to get across and make sure your ideas fuel this message.
2. Understand and anticipate the needs of your audience.
3. Chose or adopt to the required communication medium to fit your communication strategy.