The communication trainings and personalized coachings provided by Dr. Oliver Wueseke are designed to help scientists to communicate effectively and thus ensure the full impact for their science. Trainings are available for all levels, cover communication strategies for presentations and publications and can be tailored to specific needs such as job talks or public speaking. 


The writing and presentation support offered by Dr. Oliver Wueseke is meant to ensure rapid "data-to-publication" conversion to minimize publication effort while maximizing impact. Whether you are preparing for your next institute evaluation, a key note presentation or want to publish a paper, this service is designed to support you in the process. 

Public Speaking

The public speaking services by Dr. Oliver Wueseke aim at communicating science related topics in truly inspiring ways. They are designed to generate high value for the audience by delivering a deeper understanding about a given topic while instilling the excitement of discovery that science is all about. They are ideal to kick-off a company event, a retreat or plenary session. 

*All services can be provided in english or german language.

"Since then (the training) people started complimenting me for my inspiring talks! It feels absolutely fantastic, I highly recommend this!”
- P.A.